Sounding a Revolution: Feminist Resistance in Iran

Hanna Grześkiewicz

Since the murder of Jina Amini by the Iranian morality police on 16 September 2022, Iran has been in the thralls of a feminist revolution. What does the revolution sound like? What is the role of sound in a revolution?

This audio paper gathers the voices of scholar Chowra Mekaremi, Golchehr Hamidi Manesh from the Only Voice Remains collective, and Behrooz Moosavi from Tehran Contemporary Sounds festival, as well as songs, chants, and sounds in public space, in an attempt to sound a revolution.

Sound is used as a tool for untangling the complexity of a revolution, and for hearing its vision for the future.

Featured music:
Cinna Peyghamy – AVAZ ۱
Students at Tehran University – El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido
Nik Yousefi – Woman, Life, Freedom
Golnar Shahyar and Roijin Sharafi – Jeeve
Samin and Behin Bolouri – Bella Ciao